Olivier Thereaux

Head of Technology
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As Head of Technology, Olivier leads the ODI Labs team in designing and building prototypes and services for the ODI Toolbox, as well as creating software across all our programmes.


As Head of Technology, Olivier runs a multidisciplinary team with skills ranging from software development to data science, research and user experience. He leads the ODI’s work exploring and explaining the landscape of emerging data technology, creating prototypes and tools to foster a better data infrastructure. He and his team also add in-depth expertise to all of the ODI’s advisory activities, including data strategy and policy, data sharing and publishing, and innovating with data.

Over the past two decades he has been working in France, Japan, Canada and the UK, with a focus on the various facets of open technology: open standards, open source, open data and open innovation.

A graduate of the École Centrale Paris, Olivier has been plying his trade for nearly 20 years on 3 and a half continents. Leaving Paris for Keio University, he managed the open source tools and services at the W3C, founded an international non-profit democratising the art and design world online, and led the creation of countless websites and a few social network. Before joining the ODI, he spent the past half decade leading some of the internet-focused innovation at the BBC through prototypes, platforms, and new standards.

Unexpectedly for a technologist, Olivier doesn’t believe that tech is a silver bullet, he tends to like human beings more than code, and gets wildly excited about the impact and application of technology on society. He talks with his hands a lot.

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