Olivier Thereaux

Head of Technology
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As Head of Technology, Olivier leads the ODI Labs team in designing and building prototypes and services for the ODI Toolbox, as well as creating software across all our programmes.


A graduate of the École Centrale Paris, Olivier has been plying his trade for nearly 20 years on 3 and a half continents. Leaving Paris for Keio University, he managed the open source tools and services at the W3C, founded an international non-profit democratising the art and design world online, and led the creation of countless websites and a few social network. Before joining the ODI, he spent the past half decade leading some of the internet-focused innovation at the BBC through prototypes, platforms, and new standards.

Unexpectedly for a technologist, Olivier doesn’t believe that tech is a silver bullet, he tends to like human beings more than code, and gets wildly excited about the impact and application of technology on society. He talks with his hands a lot.

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