We are governed by an independent Board and led by an Executive Leadership Team.

The Board, consisting of the Chair, President, Chief Executive Officer, and Non-Executive Directors (NEDs), oversees the advancement of ODI's mission, strategy formulation, fundraising, budget approval, investment decisions, and expenditure limits. Three sub-committees; the ethics committee; the remuneration, nomination, and governance committee; and the audit and risk committee, support the Board in their respective areas.

How is the ODI funded?

We have institute status. As a non-profit entity, the ODI does not distribute profits to shareholders. Any surplus generated from our commercial work is reinvested to sustain and promote the organisation's goals. The ODI is funded through payments for services provided (consultancy, research, membership, partnerships, and training), grants from governments and philanthropic entities, and collaborations with mission-aligned organisations to cover our operating costs of approximately £7m.

The ODI comprises a core team, and works with skilled associates, contractors and fellows. We have a membership base of over 600 organisations. With extensive experience in the public, private, and third sectors, we aim to advance trust in data and create impact through our work with clients, partners and stakeholders in the UK and globally.

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