What we do

We translate knowledge and insights into action. Working together with universities, governments, and companies all over the world, we advance trust in data and data-centric technologies through inter-disciplinary research and development.

We demystify emerging data approaches and technologies, build tools for data publishing and use, and co-design good practices and standards in data stewardship and governance in collaboration with partners and stakeholders. Our research and development informs and supports policy development for a world in which data works for everyone.

We draw from a range of disciplines and research methods to pursue a diverse range of topics around open trustworthy data ecosystems, including data publishing, discovery, management, assurance, stewardship, sharing, governance, use, and impact. We explore these topics in the context of data-centric technologies, including AI, and across many sectors.

Work with us

We carry out research on a range of topics around trustworthy data ecosystems. If you are interested in commissioning research from the ODI, get in touch.

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We are committed to an open, participatory, cross-disciplinary, and inclusive approach to science and technology, which includes reports, academic publications, design materials, prototypes, and art alongside explainers, tutorials, talks, and podcasts.

We welcome partnerships, collaborative bids, applications for fellowships and secondments, as well as funding and support, to be as diverse, equitable, and inclusive as possible in the way we advance trust in data.

Our current research themes

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    Data-centric AI

    Without data, there would be no AI. To deliver on AI safety we need to consider the data infrastructure of existing and future applications of AI.

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    Data institutions

    We work with partners to bring about new and improved ways of collecting, maintaining and sharing data responsibly.

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    Global data infrastructure

    The ODI conducted a research project examining the ways that global data infrastructure can enable research and innovation to address pressing global challenges.

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    Participatory data

    We are working with partners to help people meaningfully participate in the data economy.

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    Privacy enhancing technologies (PETs)

    How the use of privacy enhancing technologies (PETs) can enable safe and secure data use for positive economic, social and environmental impact.

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Collaborate with us

Our mission is to build open, trustworthy data ecosystems to ensure that data can work for everyone – but we know we cannot do this alone. We believe that working collaboratively with industry, academia, and civil society is the best way to ensure our research and development work puts us at the forefront of global expertise concerning data, its value, management, use, and impact.  

How to get involved

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    Research fellowships offer researchers the opportunity to work with the ODI team, connect with our networks and draw on our expertise.

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    Placements and secondments

    We are committed to creating opportunities for students and early career researchers in areas aligned with our mission to build open, trustworthy data ecosystems.

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    Course collaborations

    We are proud to work with academic institutions worldwide to develop and ​​deliver bespoke academic research modules in areas of shared interest.

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Find out more

Follow the Research team on their dedicated Medium page where they explore and share their reflections on the present and future of data and society.

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