The board

  • Tim-Berners-Lee-BW

    Sir Tim Berners-Lee

    President & Co-founder of the ODI

    Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web, an internet-based hypermedia initiative for global information sharing in 1989. He is the President and co-founder of the ODI.

  • Nigel-Shadbolt-BW

    Sir Nigel Shadbolt

    Executive Chair & Co-founder of the ODI

    Professor Sir Nigel Shadbolt is an AI expert who is Principal of Jesus College Oxford and Executive Chair and Co-Founder of the Open Data Institute.

  • NEDAnna-Mazz

    Anna Mazzone

    Non-Executive Director

    Anna Mazzone is a non-executive director for The ODI (Open Data Institute) and also leads the Risk & ESG Business in EMEA for ServiceNow.

  • Rob Bryan

    Rob Bryan

    Company Secretary and Non-Executive Director

    Rob has created the legal infrastructure necessary to enable the launch and expansion of the ODI.

  • Justine Roberts, founder of Mumsnet speaks at Hay Frestival, Wales, 24/05/13. Image shot 2013. Exact date unknown.

    Justine Roberts

    Non-Executive Director

    Justine Roberts CBE is Founder and CEO of Mumsnet, an online community of parents sharing advice, support and product recommendations with around eight million monthly users

  • square_rogerhampson

    Roger Hampson

    Non-Executive Director

    Roger has been a non-executive director of the ODI since 2012. He is an academic and public servant and the co-author (with Sir Nigel Shadbolt) of The Digital Ape: How to Live (in Peace) with Smart Machines.

The executive leadership team

  • Louise-Burke-BW

    Louise Burke

    Chief Executive Officer, ODI

    Louise is the Open Data Institute's Chief Executive Officer.

  • Emma-Thwaites-BW

    Emma Thwaites

    Director of Corporate Affairs, ODI

    Emma is the Director of Corporate Affairs at the ODI.

  • Stuart-Coleman-BW

    Stuart Coleman

    Director of Learning and Consultancy

    Stuart is the Director of Learning and Consultancy at the ODI

  • Image of Elena Simperl

    Elena Simperl

    Director of Research, ODI

    Elena Simperl is the Director of Research at the ODI and a Professor of Computer Science at King’s College London.

The ODI team

  • Howard Askew

    Howard Askew

    Senior Data Technologist

    Howard Askew is a Senior Data Technologist at the ODI, with a focus on data engineering and data science.

  • Christine Bajwa BW

    Christine Bajwa

    HR and Recruitment Coordinator

    Christine Bajwa is the HR and Recruitment Coordinator at the ODI

  • Matthew Barber

    Resourcing and Delivery Coordinator

    Matthew is Resourcing and Delivery Coordinator in the Delivery Team at the ODI

  • Thomas Carey-Wilson

    Thomas Carey-Wilson

    Senior Business Development Consultant

    Thomas works within the Business Development team to secure new funding and partners

  • Tim Corby

    Tim Corby

    Engagement Consultant

    Tim Corby is the Engagement Consultant for the OpenActive initiative

  • Josh-D'addario-BW

    Josh D'Addario

    Principal Consultant, ODI

    Josh is a Principal Consultant at the ODI

  • square_20150707_300_Orsola_Demarco

    Orsola De Marco

    Head of Product and Innovation

    Orsola is Head of Product and Innovation at the ODI

  • David Dinnage BW

    David Dinnage

    Head of Communications

    David is Head of Communications at the ODI

  • Siobhan2

    Siobhan Donegan

    ODI Learning Coordinator

    Siobhan is the team coordinator for ODI Learning. She runs the day to day platform administration for all the courses and is the main contact for students. Before joining ODI Learning, she spent 4 years at ODI HQ in the Business Support team.

  • Ed Evans BW

    Ed Evans

    Senior Consultant

    Ed is a Senior Consultant at the ODI

  • Gavin Freeguard

    Gavin Freeguard

    Freelance consultant: data policy, research and advocacy

    Gavin is a freelance consultant working on data policy, research and advocacy. Gavin is stewarding the ODI’s Policy Team until a new Head of Policy is appointed.

  • Elea Himmelsbach

    Elea Himmelsbach

    Senior Consultant

    Elea is a Senior Consultant and member of the delivery team at the ODI.

  • CalumInverarity BW

    Calum Inverarity

    Senior Researcher

    Calum Inverarity is a Senior Researcher at the ODI

  • Kanika Joshi

    Kanika Joshi

    Impact and Sustainable Development Lead

    Kanika Joshi is the Impact and Sustainable Development Lead at the ODI

  • Jhilla Khodaie

    Jhilla Khodaie

    Business Development Consultant

    Jhilla is a Business Development Consultant at the ODI

  • Julie King BW

    Julie King

    Senior Project Manager

    Julie is a Senior Project Manager at the ODI

  • Lucy Knight

    Lucy Knight

    Data Trainer

    Lucy Knight is and ODI Associate and ODI Registered Trainer who delivers a number of training courses for the ODI. Lucy is an expert in data visualisation, storytelling and prototyping with extensive experience in the public sector.

  • b/w photo of Resham Kotecha

    Resham Kotecha

    Global Head of Policy

    Resham Kotecha is the Global Head of Policy at the ODI

  • Tara Lee – new

    Tara Lee

    Senior Consultant

    Tara is a Senior Consultant at the ODI.

  • Lou-lynch

    Lou Lynch

    Multimedia Learning Designer

    Lou is ODI's Multimedia Designer for the Learning Team

  • Neil Majithia

    Neil Majithia


    Neil conducts both qualitative and quantitative research across the ODI's landscape.

  • Joe Massey BW

    Joe Massey

    Senior Researcher

    Joe is a Senior Researcher in the R&D team, and is currently focusing on the sustainable data access project.

  • Kim Sorenson BW

    Kim Michael Sørensen

    Head of Corporate Development

    Kim Michael Sørensen is the ODI’s Head of Corporate Development

  • Sasha Moriniere

    Sasha Moriniere


    Sasha Moriniere is a Researcher at the ODI

  • Andrew Newman

    Andrew Newman

    Principal Data Specialist

    Andrew Newman is a Principal Data Specialist at the ODI

  • B/W photo of Gráinne O'Neil

    Gráinne O’Neil

    Head of Learning

    Gráinne is the ODI's Head of Learning

  • Tom Pieroni

    Tom Pieroni

    Senior Trainer & Learning Manager

    Tom is a experienced learning designer, developer and technologist at the Open Data Institute.

  • Hannah_Portrait_by_Freya_Hellier-SQUARE

    Hannah Redler-Hawes

    Director, Data as Culture art programme and Associate Curator

    Hannah is currently Associate Curator at the ODI, co-directing the Data as Culture art programme

  • Jared Keller BW

    Dr Jared Robert Keller

    Acting Head of Research

    As part of the R&D department, Jared conducts both qualitative and quantitative research across a wide range of issues related to open data, and supports the ODI’s efforts to map complex technological, business, and regulatory landscapes

  • Ben Snaith 2023

    Ben Snaith

    Senior Researcher

    Ben is a Senior Researcher at the ODI.

  • square_dave_tarrant_grs_7908_square_mono_400px

    Dr Dave Tarrant

    Senior Learning Advisor

    David is responsible for the direction and quality of the ODI's learning offering

  • Darren Temple

    Dr Darren Temple


    Darren is a Consultant at the ODI

  • Gefion Thuermer

    Gefion Thuermer

    Head of Research

    Gefion holds a MSc and PhD in Web Science, and a BA in cultural sciences.

  • Claudine Tinsman

    Claudine Tinsman


    Claudine is a researcher at the Open Data Institute and works on projects within the Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) and Global Data Infrastructure themes.

  • DaveWarrell

    David Warrell

    Research Associate

    Dave is a Research Associate at the ODI, supporting the policy team on the Data Experimentalism initiative.

  • Sophia Worth

    Sophia Worth

    Junior Policy Associate

    Sophia is the ODI's junior policy associate


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