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The ODI’s policy work shapes and decides our positions on the role of data in our society and economy, challenges the way people and organisations think about data, and provides leadership on emerging issues

ODI Experts

We work with companies and governments to build an open, trustworthy data ecosystem where data works for everyone. Read our strategy to learn more about how we do this.

We want those who steward data and those who create information from it to act in ways that lead to the best outcomes for everyone, and to avoid scenarios where we hoard or fear data. To do this, we work across the data spectrum of closed, shared and open data.

Our policy team is part of our delivery team. Our advice is grounded in the real world of data, informed by our global network and the research, training and expertise of the wider organisation.

Why work with the ODI

The ODI is not partisan but we believe that data is a political topic. Our contributions will always be pragmatic, collaborative and consultative, while maintaining our independence.

We are a global organisation headquartered in London and our work has international application. Our current focus is on working with local partners in Australia, Canada, France, Germany and all parts of the United Kingdom.

Our current work

Some of our current policy work includes:

Get in touch via [email protected] if you would like to know more, whether it’s about existing ODI projects, topics in the news or work that you would like to do with us.

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