UK Map Flagship case study illustration credit Philpott Design case study

Data is everywhere. It shapes our world and touches many areas of our lives. But for people who don’t work in the field, translating stories and themes about data to have real-life relevance can be a challenge. Data is an abstract concept.

The ODI launched ODI Analyses in 2020. In this workstream, we take a real-world, societal issue, and demonstrate the relevance of data and data infrastructure for a non-technical audience. By engaging the general public in this way, the ODI can demonstrate the practical implications of data, making it more relevant to their lives.

The first flagship story used data to look at the impact of the pandemic on children’s lives. Since then, we’ve examined social prescribing, food insecurity, fuel poverty and the cost of living crisis.

Each report examines different datasets, working with experts in their respective fields to bring a data perspective to current events.

The stories have been covered in more than 20 mainstream media outlets including the BBC, Good Morning Britain, LBC, the Financial Times, Computer Weekly and the Mirror, reaching over 26 million people.