Woman picking up food from a shelf in a food bank with a graphic overlay of a pie chart

This report highlights the sizeable gaps in government and third sector data when it comes to knowing who is going hungry, where they are and what is being done about it. It also draws together data sets to paint a picture of hunger in the UK today, where food price inflation currently stands at 13.1%.

The report is accompanied by a digital tool – embedded below – that shows some of the variety of open data held at national and local authority level across England. It allows users to see how various parts of England rank across the food poverty indices and examine measures of food poverty across individual local authorities.

2022_#OPEN_ODI Report-Food-insecurity-and-data-infrastructure (PDF)

View the report by Frontier Economics `{`PDF`}`

Use our digital tool

This new digital tool (created by Mime Consulting) draws together a range of datasets that provide information on food poverty.


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Explore the data and our methodology

Explore the data and metadata here (in Google Sheets)<replaced_element></replaced_element>

The team behind the report has completed this ODI Data Ethics Canvas as part of this research project, to ensure that the data was collected, used and shared in an ethical way. View the completed Data Ethics Cavas here.

Explore the data