Minded man viewing receipts in supermarket and tracking prices. Image by Denys Kurbatov

This report conducts an in-depth exploration of the open data across four domains of the cost of living crisis; housing, debt, food and fuel. This provides insights on those most at risk and, in particular, those who might be missing from official statistics. In particular, this report examines the current data landscape and where there may be gaps in the data infrastructure. A more robust data infrastructure is essential for informing responses to the crisis - and ensuring support is appropriately targeted. Previous work by the ODI has explored the current data infrastructure which exists for cost of living related topics such as food and fuel poverty, while also highlighting existing data gaps. By examining the current data infrastructure, bringing together a wide range of datasets for the first time in powerful tools such as the ODI’s fuel poverty risk index, valuable insights are drawn together that were previously unavailable. This has helped us to improve our understanding of these topics and identify where resources can be targeted to benefit those most in need.

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The team behind the report has completed this ODI Data Ethics Canvas as part of this research project, to ensure that the data was collected, used and shared in an ethical way. View the completed Data Ethics Cavas here.