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Dr Jared Robert Keller

Acting Head of Research

As part of the R&D department, Jared conducts both qualitative and quantitative research across a wide range of issues related to open data, and supports the ODI’s efforts to map complex technological, business, and regulatory landscapes.

He specialises in emerging technologies and their implementation in, and impact on, commercial, public sector, and social contexts. Before joining the ODI, Jared worked as a qualitative analyst for a public consultancy firm in London, and as a researcher of technology futures at Nesta.

In 2017, he received his doctorate from Imperial College London for research into the professionalisation of science journalism on BBC radio during the first quarter century of the postwar period. Though they diminish his savings and expand his waistline, Jared enjoys craft beer, artisanal bread, single-origin filter coffee, taco truck burritos, and all cheeses save American cheese. He also enjoys the Oxford comma. He has a beard.[/odi_connected_cards][/odi_connected_cards]

Content by Dr Jared Robert Keller