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Share your feedback on our new Data Access Map, and help us make it an accessible, accurate, clear and useful tool for others

Over the past few months we have been challenging our thinking around our new Data Access Map, identifying our favourite examples of the various approaches to data access, and collecting our favourite articles and resources. We know we can’t do this alone so we are keen to know what other people think of the map and how we can improve it. Please complete our survey below to share your comments.

At the ODI we’ve set ourselves the goal of researching, mapping and describing the various data access approaches out there in the hope that we can help people and organisations to navigate these complexities.

We need your help with our travel guide

We are now working to develop a ‘travel guide’ to sit alongside the Data Access Map. It will explain our thinking for why certain approaches have been clustered into ‘regions’ (‘Collabrador’, ‘Technicaledonia’ etc) and will include descriptions of each of the different approaches in those regions with links to examples of each. For each region and approach we plan provide as many resources (articles, reports, tools etc) as possible so that people who come to the map can learn more about the wide world of data access. This is where you come in.

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We know you're all really busy but if you’re interested and have time to help us develop the Data Access Map and the accompanying travel guide, visit our google form to share your feedback:

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