Open Addresses: the story so far


Addresses are part of our everyday lives: they pinpoint where we live and work and connect us to local services we rely on.

Together with a growing network of contributors Open Addresses is building the UK’s first free and open address list: a list that is available for anyone to access, use and share as open data.

Open Addresses makes locating, entering and accessing addresses simpler and better. Since its Alpha launch in January 2015 Open Addresses has begun to improve how we use address data in the UK. Its had wide interest from local authorities, companies and individuals, who have helped shape its services.

This report aims to help others to learn from Open Addresses mistakes and successes to date. It also highlights the considerable challenges that those looking to innovate with address data are likely to face, including those presented by the current uncertainty around intellectual property rights in data.

This is the story so far. For more information, visit, follow @OpenAddressesUK on Twitter or get in touch at [email protected].