Partners Arup and ODI case study illustration credit Philpott Design case study

Arup is a global company, with planners, designers, engineers and consultants delivering projects in the built environment and across industry. They are also one of the ODI’s longest-term partners.

Over the past decade we have worked together to identify new trends and challenges in the future of the aviation industry, provided expert advice on diverse business models across the data spectrum, set out the case for net zero data strategies and delivered data skills training.

Most recently, we worked together to explore the possibilities for city authorities across the world to improve public services using data. The ODI worked with Arup to understand the role data can play in the built environment in tackling the climate crisis.

During our partnership, Arup has moved globally from a business that treats data as ‘business as usual’ to one that prioritises ‘creativity with data at scale’. We are very proud to have been a part of that journey.