Tania Nadarajah

Tania Nadarajah

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Tania Nadarajah is a former Paralympian athlete

Tania is a former Paralympic para-archer who competed for Great Britain from 2014 until her retirement from international sport in 2021. She discovered archery while being a patient at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, the birthplace of the Paralympic movement, after a road traffic accident.

However, while attempting to find a local club which could accommodate her needs, she encountered numerous challenges with regards to accessibility and finding a coach with suitable experience to help adapt the sport to her abilities. This was her first experience of the limitations and problems that being disabled can present in a world where catering for anyone who isn’t fully able bodied can often be an afterthought.

Tania currently runs the marketing and communications programme for an independent charity which helps disabled people to live more independent lives. She is also a board member for another charity which provides sporting opportunities to people with paralysis.