Renate Samson

Senior Policy Advisor
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Renate is Senior Policy Advisor at the ODI

Following a career in television production, making documentaries for the BBC, Sky and other international broadcasters, Renate moved into politics in 2010 working as Chief of Staff to a senior politician focusing on civil liberties, data and human rights.

After five years in Parliament, Renate became CEO of a non-governmental organisation exposing the rise of data surveillance and encouraging improved online privacy and security.  

She established and led campaigns seeking to challenge and improve UK legislation including the Investigatory Powers Act, Digital Economy Act and the rise in facial biometrics and facial recognition technologies. Working alongside other non-governmental organisations she was involved in a successful legal challenge undertaken at the European Court of Human Rights. 

Renate has specific expertise and knowledge in privacy, security, biometrics, data rights, digital citizenry and digital literacy; topics she has regularly written and spoken about on television, radio and in the press.

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