R&D launch

As we enter the fourth year of our research and development programme, we are starting projects on sustainable data access, building trust through certification and creating data infrastructure for common challenges, and invite you to join our team

We are living in extraordinary times. When we launched the third year of the ODI’s research and development programme in 2019, we had no idea where we would be 12 months later. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we live and work in ways we will be living with long into the future. With these changes, the goals of the ODI R&D programme – to advance knowledge and expertise in how data can shape the next generation of public and private services, and create economic growth – have never been so relevant.  Thanks to funding from Innovate UK, this programme will continue until at least March 2021.

We are inviting researchers, consultants and policy advisors who want to make a difference via data to join our team.

Our R&D programme changes how organisations collect, use and share data through applied research, with a focus on exploring social, economic and technological questions relating to access to data.

What does the future look like?

Over the coming months we’ll be building on our findings of the last three years, focusing on three key projects:

  • Sustainable data access – building on our research to date, we’ll be looking at how data access initiatives can become sustainable. We want to design a framework for selecting and understanding the impacts of different revenue models and identifying the best approaches to reducing the costs of operating data institutions.
  • Building trust through audit and certification – extending our previous research on certification for data trusts, and on designing trustworthy data institutions, we’ll be looking at whether third party services such as auditing, accreditation and certification would be useful to increase trust in data stewards. We want to identify which mechanisms are likely to have the most impact and develop initial versions of these services.
  • Data infrastructure for common challenges – in this project we’ll be aligning with the industrial strategy themes of healthy ageing and clean growth to understand how organisations and sectors can develop the data infrastructure they need to support the common challenges they face. We want to create evidence, guidance and tools to help organisations work out what data is important and how to ensure it’s there when it’s needed.

Our work is broad and interdisciplinary

Over the last year, we’ve worked on a range of exciting, innovative projects:

We want to make a difference through our work, and commissioned two external evaluations to learn and improve what we do so that we have a greater impact: