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This report summarises our research exploring how businesses across a range of sectors are sharing data in ways that directly and indirectly deliver value

Businesses can create value by using third-party data to develop new products and services. But our research has shown that they can unlock additional value by sharing data they have collected.

A changing landscape of consumer and citizen rights, and expectations over privacy and data portability, require businesses to improve how they access, use and share data. This creates both new challenges and new opportunities.

Increasingly competitive markets and complex supply chains require businesses to rethink how they drive innovation; they can no longer expect competitive solutions to solely come from their internal teams.

Use of artificial intelligence and machine learning is leading to increased demands for data, which can be costly for individual organisations to collect and maintain. The changing climate puts pressure on businesses across sectors, requiring them to adapt to common challenges.

Sharing data to create value in the private sector (Google doc)

Sharing data to create value in the private sector (PDF)