Abstract 3

What is data sharing?

Data sharing is the process by which different parties provide access to data with other organisations, communities, applications, or end users.

Most businesses now recognise the value of data sharing. It’s difficult to find someone who disagrees with the idea that more data should be shared, and that more data sharing could benefit people, the planet, and the economy.

However, people need help understanding the 'data' connections between organisations, and how data, when more widely shared, can create value for consumers, organisations and society.

This means that businesses often hesitate to share the data they hold – including concerns around privacy, security and commercial liability. There can even be friction when sharing data within a business – from conflicting team priorities, to miscommunications about the specifications of why certain data was collected.

How we can help you:

  • Demonstrate the value of sharing data, both within your company and in the wider ecosystem and marketplace.
  • Understand the data relationships between your organisation and others in your business sphere, the value that data can generate, and how to improve the flow of data between partners.
  • Share data with customers, partners and the public in a sustainable and trustworthy way and understand the maturity of your organisation’s data-sharing practices.

The data sharing package includes:

  • Data ecosystem mapping tool
  • Value of data canvas
  • Data ecosystem mapping workshop