R&D: Increasing data access for new technologies

Lots of organisations hold data – how do we get it flowing between them in ways that people trust? This project aims to understand the models and help others to understand them too in order to pick the right one from them

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New businesses and new technologies need easy and secure access to data to thrive. There are various options for making data available – some tried and tested, some new – but businesses and public sector organisations find it difficult to know what’s available and which options to choose for their particular business model.

This R&D project will focus on business and organisational models that create safe and equitable markets, explore different options within selected sectors, and produce knowledge products aimed at both the private and public sector to help increase use of data across multiple organisations.

This work is part of a three-year innovation programme, running to March 2020 with a funding profile of £2m each year from Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency.

The work will enable the UK to build on its established strengths in data and data analytics, break new ground in creating value from data across industry, and ensure that the UK remains at the forefront of data innovation globally.