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The ODI is pleased to announce that the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation (PJMF) has provided an additional $250,000 in funding to support the launch of the Data-centric AI programme and responsible data stewardship research activities over the next 12 months. By strengthening our research in this way, we can help make data AI-ready, make AI data accessible and usable, and make AI systems use data responsibly.

This follows on from previous grants from the Foundation that have supported our work in responsible data stewardship, helped people engage in the data economy in a meaningful way through participatory data, enabled us to launch new areas of work focusing on privacy enhancing technologies (PETs), and fostered collaboration on the world’s biggest challenges with global data infrastructure.

The ODI is pleased to continue our work with the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation. We are in a period where developments in generative AI are incredibly rapid, but we must not forget the critical role that data plays in these systems. Partnerships such as this can help to sustain critical research while providing us with the ability to respond to the changing needs of the data ecosystem, and invest in work that can have the greatest impact.
Louise Burke
CEO of the ODI
We've been living through interesting times in AI. Not a single week seems to pass without a new release of a powerful AI model. There's also increased recognition of the role access to high-quality data plays in the ecosystem to ensure the technology serves society, is safer and more accountable, and allows smaller players to thrive alongside established ones. The support of the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation is hugely important to establish a culture in AI that values data and good data practices as much as building models and systems.
Elena Simperl
Director of Research at the ODI