The UK National Data Strategy 2020

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In response to the UK’s National Data Strategy we are thinking about the way data is managed, used, and governed in the UK – and how that can be developed for the good of every corner of society and economy

People to talk to about this

On 9 September 2020 the UK government launched its National Data Strategy for consultation. It outlines the government’s framework strategy to drive the UK in building a world-leading data economy while ensuring public trust in data use. Responses to the consultation, which is open to organisations and individuals across the UK, will help expand the strategy’s evidence base, as well as its overall development.

At the Open Data Institute (ODI) we’ll be engaging with this opportunity to contribute in several ways.

We’ll be working in partnership with the Institute for Government, Ada Lovelace Institute, Royal Statistical Society and the Centre for Public Data, to hold some discussions around how the goals of the National Data Strategy can best be implemented for encouraging economic growth and innovation while also protecting and empowering people through ethics, good governance and regulation.

We’ll also be publishing think-pieces and blog posts by the ODI team on key aspects of data, society, policy, and the economy, and exploring how our manifesto could contribute to a National Data Strategy.

ODI manifesto


And we’ll be preparing a formal written response to the consultation questions, drawing on the evidence base of our projects and policy research, and on insights we gain from our partnership events and feedback on our think-pieces and blog posts.

Next steps

We’ll update this project page regularly with our activities and we’d love for as many people as possible to be involved. It’s important that a wide range of voices and perspectives contribute to the UK’s National Data Strategy, and to support this we’re sharing a tool that we made to help us with our own engagement with it.

Get involved

We’ve pulled together this spreadsheet to map the different elements of the National Data Strategy, to better see how they join up and what they cover, and where we think that we can contribute. We hope that you find it useful – feel free to download it and to adapt it for your own use. If you think anything is missing from it, tweet us @ODIHQ or email us [email protected].