**Last updated on 1 June 2022**

We collect data about you when you use this website or complete our elearning. We do this so that we can understand what interests people and how we can improve the site. We also monitor when you return to the site, so we don’t repeat pop-up notices that you’ve already rejected. We share some of this data with third parties who provide us with analytics and other services.

You have rights over what is done with data that is processed about you. You can contact us at [email protected] if you want to get a copy of that data. You can also ask us to update it, delete it or stop using it.

As well as this general privacy policy, we also have privacy policies for:

What data do we collect and why?

We store this data until you delete your account, which you can do by emailing [email protected].

We collect data as you use this website about:

  • what pages you access and how long you spend on them so that we know what content is popular
    • when you fill in an online form, our CRM, Hubspot, captures the most recent webpage you have visited (in addition to the information that you enter on the form) and then associates that information with your email address. This is a standard default feature of Hubspot, but the ODI does not use this data. We are currently reviewing options for disabling or limiting the collection of this data.
  • the device and software you use, so that we know how to design the site
  • your location, so that we know where in the world we reach
  • how you were referred to the website (e.g. through Google, Twitter or Facebook), so we know what promotional activities are working to promote our website content
  • which page you enter the website though, and which page you leave from, so we know which pages are most / least appealing
  • how you move through the site, so we can improve your user journey and help you to find information more easily

Our elearning modules do not collect this information. We collect information about your progress through the content. Unless you choose to save your progress by providing your email, then this is completely anonymous.

Your browser stores some of this data using cookies. Your browser sends cookie data to us and third parties every time you visit our web pages. Our cookie policy has more information about the cookies we use and why we use them.

How do we use this data?

We use this data to:

  • track analytics for your use of the site
  • understand what the users of our website need so we can improve it
  • ensure we don’t repeat promotional pop-ups that you may have previously declined

In our elearning we use the data that is collected to:

  • understand how many people complete the training
  • share anonymous statistics on usage with the organisations that have paid us to develop the content

We do not use it for any automated decision making.

Use of data about you from social media

If you retweet, share or engage with our content on social platforms, then we collect analytics on that to help us understand which content people are interested in. We use Hubspot for social media analytics, as well as the analytics tools within each social platform we have a presence on.

Use of data about you from Google Adwords

We use Google Adwords to ensure our relevant content appears in search results when you look for it. Through this tool, we measure your views and clicks on the advert, and can see which keywords you used to search.

Use of data about you from Hubspot

When you fill in an online form on the ODI website, our CRM Hubspot captures the most recent webpage you have visited, in addition to the information that you enter on the form and then associates that information with your email address. This is a standard default feature of Hubspot, and enables us to see which pages have encouraged the best response rates from our users, so that we can know which content is most relevant to our users.

Where the form is used to register interest in an ODI product, event or tool, the information collected may be used to contact you in relation to that ODI product, event or tool in the future.

Using Hubspot for email marketing

We also use Hubspot to send our marketing emails. You can view how we use data about you and track your response to our newsletters in our newsletter privacy policy.

How do we share this data?

We share this data with a few third parties, who process it to give us better understanding.

Some of our elearning content is developed on a contract basis for our customers. In these cases, we will share anonymous statistics on use of the elearning content with those organisations.

We have made sure the third parties who are not in the EU protect the data to the same extent as companies in the EU.

We may also need to share this data with the authorities if they ask us to do so.

What rights and control do you have?

Because we operate in the UK, you have rights in relation to the data about you that we collect. You can:

  • ask for a copy of data we have collected about you
  • ask us to update that data
  • ask us to delete it
  • ask us to stop using it

If you ask for a copy of data we have about you, we have to provide it to you free of charge. You can ask us to send it directly to a third party. We have to provide it in a commonly-used machine-readable format.

To do these things, you can contact [email protected].

Please tell us if you have concerns about how we collect, use or share data about you. You can also raise your concerns with the UK Information Commissioner’s Office.

When did we last update this policy?

We last updated this privacy policy on 6 November 2023.  If you have an account with us, we will tell you about any future updates to this privacy policy.

Who can I talk to about this policy?

Please send any questions about this privacy policy to [email protected].

The data controller for this website is Open Data Institute of 4th Floor, Kings Place, 90 York Way, N1 9AG. Our data protection officer can be contacted at [email protected].