Video: Connecting data literacy to business strategy

Tue Jan 5, 2021
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Data skills trailblazers Volker Buscher, Di Mayze and Stuart Coleman, explore what data literacy means to society, the journey we all need to take to grow our data skills and how data capability can influence business strategy.

Video: Connecting data literacy to business strategy

Aligning data literacy with business strategy can identify skill gaps and clarify the best places to invest in learning and capacity development, but where do you start.

We all need to go on a journey to explore, grow and better develop our data skills

The power of data is in what you do with it and what you blend with it

We want to create the ability to work with data at scale in our businesses wherever it is needed

Our expert panel discusses what data literacy means to them and their business, how it can be defined in society and why leadership engagement is crucial to changing your organisation’s culture.

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On this webinar, explore how organisations like the BBC, Lloyds of London and the Co-op use the ODI Data Skills framework to first align their data literacy programmes to their strategy, then identify skill gaps and clarify the best places to invest in learning and capacity development.

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Mapping data literacy: The data skills framework

The Data Skills Framework shows how technical data skills can be balanced with other skills to support successful data innovation.

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Datopolis is a board game about building things – services, websites, devices, apps, research – using closed and open data. It was designed and developed by Ellen Broad and Jeni Tennison at the Open Data Institute.

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Setting strategy: Data 2020: Skills, engagement and data literacy

Employees and companies recognise the value in working with data, but recent research uncovered that 85% of such projects fail and only 8% of leaders report complete satisfaction with the outcome.

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Learn with the ODI: join our online Strategic Data Skills course

This comprehensive online course is for people who want to work strategically with data, but don’t need or want to learn complex programming.

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