The Data Skills Framework

The Data Skills Framework breaks down the skills required by different people in an organisation that works with data. It illustrates how technical data skills must be balanced with skills to enable data innovation.

Organisations use the framework to inform their data literacy programmes, identify skill gaps and clarify the best places to invest in learning and capacity development.

Download the Data Skills Framework

Data Skills Framework (PDF). Download here.

View the Data Skills Framework. This is a PDF of the hard-copy version (not designed for home/office print – see below for print-at-home version).

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Print-at-home 'Data Skills Framework'. Download here.

View the print-at-home version of the ‘Data Skills Framework’. This is a simple black-and-white version of the guide for home/office printing.

Why use this tool?

Research shows that if organisations focus solely on technology and technical skills, they are less likely to unlock the full value of data.

The Data Skills Framework illustrates how technical data skills must be balanced with other skills – such as service design, data innovation and change leadership – to help ensure impactful data projects.

Data Skills Framework (PDF)