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Sharing engineering data for the public good

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Funded by the Lloyd’s Register Foundation, this project aims to develop a movement within the engineering sector that will lead to the sharing and use of data for the public good, with a particular focus on improving safety

People to talk to about this

Sharing engineering data for the public good: why is it important?

Better access to data can help organisations make more informed decisions.

For the engineering sector, an increase in data sharing will help to build a global ‘safety evidence base’ that will generate insights to improve decision making around policies, practice and investments – and ultimately – inform the public’s understanding of risk.

Our approach

The ODI is engaging with stakeholders to develop a shared vision around better use of data. We are already engaging with the Royal Academy of Engineering, the Health and Safety Executive, The Alan Turing Institute and Cambridge University Press, among others.

We will be exploring the opportunities and barriers around data sharing and co-developing a ‘theory of change’ to encourage more open approaches to sharing data. In May 2019 we will be hosting a public event to help to articulate and explore our shared vision.