R&D: Predicting cause and effect of data strategies

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We’re exploring the use of data-related behaviour models through prototype agent-based models, to investigate possible effects of policy and investments on levels of innovation and productivity

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Data is a critical part of national infrastructure. As the government makes policy interventions around data, for example through the Industrial Strategy, Digital Charter or Geospatial Commission, the effects of those strategies can only be loosely predicted using existing and prior experience and evidence and macro-economic models. There are likely to be significant differences in the economic return to the economy based on how the complex web of organisations in the system respond to those policies and strategies.

Currently there are few mechanisms to predict how the data ecosystem will respond to different interventions. This project aims to develop predictive models which can be used to test and refine policy and strategies.

This work is part of a three-year innovation programme, running to March 2020 with a funding profile of £2m each year from Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency.

The work will enable the UK to build on its established strengths in data and data analytics, break new ground in creating value from data across industry, and ensure that the UK remains at the forefront of data innovation globally.