The ODI is pleased to announce that Sport England has awarded further funding of £985k to OpenActive so it can continue to support the sector in using data to help people looking to get active and discover the vibrant range of opportunities available in their local area.

OpenActive - which is hosted by the ODI - is working to demonstrate the importance of open data infrastructure and the vital role it can play in tackling inequalities. The latest phase of OpenActive is designed to help shift the sport and physical activity sector towards greater data standardisation, which will make physical activity more accessible to all, especially under-served communities.

Over the next 18 months, the ODI team, with the support of organisations from across the OpenActive Steering Committee, along with the OpenActive community (activity providers, system providers and booking platforms), will focus on the following key areas:

  • Establishing investment and support for an independent organisation to steward and sustain OpenActive in the long term.
  • Stabilising OpenActive’s technical infrastructure. We will ensure the infrastructure is maintainable in the short term and develop a roadmap for longer term improvements.
  • Continuing to engage with communities that could use OpenActive to share or consume data, including in the health, education and disability sectors. We will run an innovation challenge to catalyse action across the initiative.
  • Continuing to work with the steering committee to monitor the impact of the OpenActive initiative and the ODI components of the initiative through a monitoring, evaluation and learning approach.
OpenActive is an important initiative that enables people to enjoy the benefits of getting active and lead happier, healthier lives. It demonstrates how open data can benefit society, with external assessments estimating that the project has already saved up to £3 million per year in health costs. Although we have made significant progress so far, more work is required. Ultimately, this funding will help to ensure OpenActive’s long-term sustainability, making sports and other physical activities more accessible to all - particularly those who need them most.
Louise Burke
CEO of the ODI

OpenActive presents a unique opportunity to develop a shared data infrastructure that helps people access and understand the wide range of opportunities that are available across the industry. To get involved, you can join the Adoption and Engagement Forum to learn about collaboration opportunities and provide feedback, or join the W3C Community to learn about the standards for opportunity data that will make it easier to publish, find and use.