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ODI Canalside Chat for London Data Week

Join our team of researchers, Director of Data as Culture, Hannah Redler-Hawes and artist Alistair Gentry to wrap up our day of events for London Data Week.

In this discussion, we’ll explore how people might participate more broadly in London’s data economy. We’ll ask what it might take to overcome barriers and increase trust and explore how new technologies, and legislative and regulatory measures - not to mention culture - could help.

About the speakers

Hannah Redler-Hawes is the Data as Culture Director. As a contemporary art curator she specialises in emerging and trans-disciplinary practices which raise social, cultural and ethical questions within the fields of art, data, science and technology.

With a special interest in collaboration, participation and new technologies, Hannah works with artists and a range of collaborators to develop audience-focused projects for museums, galleries, academic organisations, corporate contexts, digital space and the public realm. Key curatorial projects have addressed cosmology, climate science, biomedical science, the ways we use data to sense, measure and predict the world, energy, photography, addiction and recovery and the psychological impact of organ donation.

Alistair Gentry is a writer and artist living in London.

He has been a professional, published writer of fiction, drama, factual texts and journalism for about thirty years and worked in visual arts for over twenty years. He make performance lectures, interventions, participatory experiences and live role-playing games, mainly for communities and audiences outside of conventional gallery, theatre or performance spaces. They like folklore, magic, silly costumes, museums, absurdity, the uncanny valley, doing things that help people think, improving the world incrementally, and making machines and systems do things their creators wouldn’t approve of.

Calum Inverarity is a Senior Researcher with the Research & Development team. His interests lie in the interplay between science, technology and society, and the questions this asks of contemporary governance.

He has previously worked with think tanks and research institutes in the UK and Belgium focusing on international security, economic policy and conflict resolution. Some of his previous research has explored decision-making within complex systems, the science-policy nexus, illiberal democracy and post-conflict constitutional reform.

Joe Massey is a Senior Researcher in the R&D team. He is currently focused on the sustainable data access project, alongside other projects. He is also spending time thinking about how the ODI can use more quantitative research methods to better understand the data-driven world.

Joe is a strong advocate for interdisciplinary, mixed methods research and is fascinated by the intersection of technology, data and society.

Event information

Please note, this event will be recorded. The recording will be made publicly available on YouTube after the event, and may also be used in our marketing and promotion.