As part of our work on data trusts with the UK Government’s Office for AI, the ODI has assembled a group of 16 members from a range of organisations to contribute to the research

Members of the Data Trust Exploration Group include Nesta, the European Commission, Information Commissioner’s Office and Open Data China. You can see all members here.

With input from this group, we’ll be developing pilots that address data collected, shared and used in a number of different contexts to establish whether data trusts represent a useful approach in managing and safeguarding data that could enable and stimulate data sharing between organisations.

The ODI’s work is inspired by a number of people and organisations around the world that are exploring data trusts and related data access models, and attempting to build an open and trustworthy data ecosystem. In recognition of this work and wide set of interests in the topic, we established this Data Trust Exploration Group.

The purpose of the group is to:

  • provide third-party input into the ODI’s pilot data trust work;
  • share some of its emerging findings;
  • help connect together people and organisations working on similar initiatives around the world.

The ODI published an open invitation for people and organisations to apply to join the group. We received a large number of applications internationally and were only able to select a limited number to join. In doing so, we attempted to select a range of people and organisations that is diverse across a number of characteristics, in order to reflect a broad range of interests and expertise. The list of members can be found in the group’s terms of reference.

The group will initially operate over the duration of the ODI’s pilot work, which is expected to run between January and March/April 2018, and will meet four times over the course of its initial term. The meetings will be held online to cater for participants in different countries.

We’d like everyone to be able to benefit from the work of the Data Trust Exploration Group, not just its members. Although the group meetings will be largely be run to Chatham House rules, the ODI will publish minutes from each meeting on its website (as well as any related items, papers and other materials where possible). Members are also encouraged to talk and blog about the meetings and their work.

The meeting minutes can be accessed below:

  • Meeting 1: (10:30-12:30 GMT, 23 January 2019)
  • Meeting 2: 14:00-16:00 GMT, 13 February 2019)

The ODI will convene the group for the duration of its pilot data trust work. If it proves valuable, the ODI will support the group in discussions related to how it might sustain meeting over a longer term and/or to expand its membership. As a result, group members will be invited to discuss, amend and add to the group’s Terms of Reference over its initial term.