Data Ethics Maturity Model

Data ethics maturity model: helping you assess your level of maturity in ethical data use

The data ethics maturity model is a tool for anyone who collects, uses and shares data. It helps assess and benchmark how widely embedded data ethics culture and practices are across your organisation.

The model provides a framework to consider current performance and future ambitions and to embed a culture of ethical data practices. This tool builds on the Open Data Institute’s Data Ethics Canvas, which helps identify and manage ethical issues within a specific project.

Data ethics in practice

The model can be used in the following ways:

  • When first engaging with data ethics, the maturity model can help you in conversations with teams and specific stakeholders
  • It can help you benchmark departments (or teams) within your organisation against each theme in the model - to provide an overall profile for the organisation around their data ethics maturity
  • It can support the development of an action plan to embed ethical data practises across a department, or organisation

The Data Ethics Maturity Model is for anyone who collects, uses or shares data

It may be especially useful for:

  • Leaders who want to shape an organisation's ethical framework
  • Technical teams who collect, use or share data
  • People managing teams responsible for collecting, using and sharing data
  • Data professionals working on data transformation or embedding trustworthy data practices

Get involved

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Data Ethics Maturity Model

Data Ethics Maturity Model CC-BY-SA (PDF)