The ODI brought together startups and social enterprises to receive training, expert advice and connections to the ODI and Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation’s (MDEC) regional and international network. The startups represent varied sectors: agriculture, financial services, the internet of things and future cities, and are tasked with finding new ways to use data to create social and economic value. The fourth international startup programme that the ODI leads or supports, this accelerator is being run by the ODI’s first hire based outside London: Divakar Subramanian in Kuala Lumpur. Some of the startups include:

  • CropBase encourages the use of alternative crops by combining data from scientists and from local farmers to increase diversity in the global food supply.
  • Katsana encourages safer driving by using sensors in cars to monitor driver patterns, providing feedback both to fleet companies and to drivers themselves.
  • Urbanetic brings together data to support more sophisticated city planning.
  • BTI Credit Scoring is working to build a system to help the bottom 40% of citizens receive a credit score using existing data in new ways.

At the ODI, we are excited to continue to grow our international network: if you are keen to learn more or have ideas about new regions for us to explore, get in touch at [email protected]. If you’re inspired by this project and want to do something similar, get in touch.