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In this case study, we look at how an EU-funded open innovation programme, Data Pitch, has allowed Greiner Packaging International GmbH (GPI) to share data with logistics intelligence company, OBUU to help address key challenges.

This case study is part of a project by the Open Data Institute exploring the value of sharing data in the private sector. When sharing data, businesses face a range of challenges. A significant barrier is a lack of understanding of how increasing access to data can create business value, for example by enabling new business models, increasing efficiency or reducing costs.

To help address this, we have been documenting real-world examples of how the private sector is creating value from increasing access to data.

Key findings

  • Open innovation allows companies to apply external ideas and technology to help address challenges. Sharing data is an essential part of effective collaboration between businesses.
  • Sharing operational data provides the necessary insights into business challenges, allowing collaborators to analyse and use that data to deliver better insights and demonstrate the value of new technologies.
  • Greiner Packaging International (GPI) shared data with logistics intelligence company OBUU via the Data Pitch programme, to help monitor the resilience and efficiency of its supply chain.
  • By applying its technology to a range of indicators supplied by GPI, OBUU was able to identify a potential reduction of fixed asset investment of around 35%, resulting in a significant cost saving.
  • The Data Pitch programme includes a variety of similar case studies that demonstrate how sharing data can create economic benefits for both data providers and users.

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Many businesses are embracing the sharing of data, and are seeing tangible benefits for their organisations and across their entire sectors. Josh D’Addario, Consultant at the ODI, has been talking to these organisations and researching the benefits. Josh shares his top seven reasons why businesses should be sharing data.

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The ODI is engaging with private-sector companies to show how sharing data can positively impact the bottom line.

We are already seeing open approaches to data happening in sectors such as physical activity, banking, and pharmaceuticals.

This project seeks to demonstrate the business value of sharing data to a sector, network or individual business, looking at how an organisation might benefit in terms of innovation, network capabilities, and brand positioning.

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