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‘Assessing risk when sharing data: a guide’ has been created to help organisations identify, assess and manage risks related to sharing data that they hold

From optimising supply chains and supporting innovation, to addressing sector challenges and delivering public services, we have seen that sharing data can generate benefits for companies, the economy, society and the environment.

However, a common concern for organisations looking to share data is in providing assurance to senior leaders that sharing a particular set of data will not generate negative impacts on reputation; compromise legal compliance or negatively affect their place in the market; or cause harm to society, the economy or the environment.

With this in mind, we’ve created this guide to help organisations identify, assess and manage risks related to sharing data that they hold.

This guide seeks to provide early steps – prior to seeking legal counsel (if that is required) – to consider real and perceived risks in sharing data to identify suitable mitigating actions. We include typical risk categories, key questions to consider and suggestions on how to minimise harm.

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To help us shape and improve this guidance, we'd love to hear your feedback – the Google Doc is open for comment, so please share your thoughts and suggestions.

This guide has been produced as part of our data assurance programme and adds to our suite of tools and resources to support organisations assess, build and demonstrate trustworthy data and data practices. We are also producing a prototype online tool which will guide users through the early stage considerations and mitigating actions in this guide.

To get involved in the project and help shape the prototype tool, please visit the project page and fill in the contact form.