Research and development of data innovation for UK government

Our R&D projects focus important areas: data infrastructure, improving data literacy, stimulating data innovation and building trust in the use of data

From discovery to alpha, we focus our R&D projects on exploring and building our understanding of the problems, prototyping knowledge products and new models for sharing data and publishing reports, tools, podcasts and videos with findings and recommendations. 

We’ve selected varied technologies and sectors (for example “AI in the legal sector”), to research and understand barriers to sharing data – particularly around business models and markets  – and examples of where those barriers have been overcome.

Working with partners who wish to share data, we are testing some of the new data sharing ideas to understand where they can work well. We are also prototyping a set of knowledge products and tools to help people – particularly in business and the public sector – decide how and when to share or open up data, so it can be accessed and used easily and securely. 

In the first year of the programme we focused on:

  • open data publishing
  • open data standards
  • new service delivery models
  • peer-to-peer accommodation 
  • emerging tech: artificial intelligence, personal data and smart contracts
  • registers

This year we are focusing on:

  • increasing data access for new technologies
  • broadening access to personal data while protecting privacy and creating a fair market
  • building stronger data trade links
  • unlocking the potential of open geospatial data and technology in the UK
  • predicting cause and effect of data strategies

We want to run this project as openly as possible, engaging the global network of organisations working on similar initiatives to reduce duplication and increase speed.

Our funding has been awarded through Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, in a three-year programme, running to March 2020 with a funding profile of £2m each year. We want to enable the UK to build on its strengths in data and analytics, break new ground in creating value from data across industries, and ensure it remains at the forefront of data innovation around the world. All our activity falls within the UK government’s definition of R&D.

Our R&D projects

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