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‘Data: a new direction’ – the UK government’s new data protection regime

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On 9 September 2021, the UK government published ‘Data: a new direction’, its proposals for reforming the UK’s data protection regime. The ambition of the proposed reforms is to secure the UK’s international position as a science superpower and data hub, to build on the unprecedented and life-saving use of data to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic, and to overhaul the role of the Information Commissioner’s Office and the data responsibilities of businesses and other organisations.

The proposals are now out for consultation until Friday 19 November 2021, and organisations and individuals across the UK can respond with their evidence or perspectives to help shape how the proposed reforms are developed and implemented.

How we’re engaging

We published this Twitter thread to outline the main chapters of the consultation. And we’ve created this spreadsheet to map the different elements of the consultation document, including all the proposals and the consultation questions, as a tool to help others plan their response to the consultation.

In the next few weeks we’ll also be producing an outline of each of the consultation chapters with some commentary to share our evidence base which might be useful for others, and to invite feedback on our early thinking.

We’re working in partnership with Wellcome to convene a roundtable discussion on the research impact of the proposed reforms; and we’re working in partnership with the Institute for Government to convene a roundtable discussion on using data to enable better public services. We’ll also be convening a cross-sector roundtable for senior executives Chaired by our co-founder, Sir Nigel Shadbolt. We’ll publish the summary notes from these roundtables on this project webpage and plan to highlight the findings at the National Data Strategy Forum in October.

Next steps

The consultation will close on Friday 19 November 2021 and throughout the consultation period we’ll be sharing updates and resources on this page and on Twitter: @ODIHQ. If you’d like to get in touch about this project, you can reach the team on [email protected].