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Lewis Prentice bw

Lewis Prentice

Research Fellow

Lewis' main background lies in strategic and risk management; researching how companies use and combine their resources to create value, identify opportunities for future value and mitigate threats to existing value. Working with the ODI as part of his fellowship extends these existing interests by examining how firms use their data resources for value creation and what other resources must be deployed and mixed with data in order to so.

By looking at these interactions in depth, Lewis hopes research resulting from his fellowship can highlight necessary resource combinations for data-based value and how they may be facilitated through appropriate governance; like allowing employees a right to access, experiment and share data, amongst other areas. Outside of these areas, he is further interested in research concerning how human workers, both general and c-suite, interact with areas that are data adjacent such as AI and machine learning and what the growing influence of the latter means for the future of work and technical skillsets.

Lewis's interests outside of work mostly revolve around jogging and fitness (despite not being very good at it); reading, with a specific love of non-fiction writing on history, geography and religion; and attending live comedy as often as possible.

Lewis Prentice is a Research Fellow as part of our 2023 fellowship scheme.

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