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The rise of the Chief Data Officer

The data profession is relatively young, but it’s growing in importance – with intangible assets now appearing on the balance sheet, where 15 years ago physical infrastructure would have had dominance.

But with the average tenure of a Chief Data Officer (CDO) being two-and-a-half years, is this time to make the difference that is needed?

In this talk, Barry Green (CDO Consultant and Digital Enterprise Architect at DSM) and Lisa Allen (Head of Consultancy for Data Programmes, ODI) will discuss the rise of the Chief Data Officer, including:

  • Does every company need a CDO?
  • What are the greatest challenges that CDOs face?
  • Where should the CDO function sit?
  • Should the CDO be part of the executive team?
  • What data disciplines should the CDO cover?
  • What is the future for CDOs?

Hear from our expert speakers and enjoy a complimentary light lunch, opportunities to network and the chance to take part in a live Q&A.

This is a free, in-person event and will be held in Kings Place, King’s Cross, London.

About the speakers

Barry Green has been a Chief Data Officer for eight years. In the last six years, he has specialised in creating the momentum for change around data in both large and small organisations by understanding, improving and managing the way organisations transact.

Barry has long advocated changing the way we think about data, and has had an eclectic career which has allowed him to see problems from multiple views. He believes data should be used for good and not just for profit and understands that to do this requires the momentum of leaders in many different organisations.

Barry is the co-author of the best seller ‘Data Means Business’, and in his latest assignment is a Strategic Digital Data Architect with DSM.

Lisa Allen is a data professional and has led many data teams in the public sector in the UK. She has experience across various data disciplines including open data, data protection, data transformation, and developing data strategies and frameworks to implement data governance.

At the ODI, Lisa heads up the consultancy team who use their data expertise to advise and guide companies, governments and organisations to make the data ecosystem work better for everyone.

Covid-19 information

To keep everyone safe, we prefer participants to wear a face covering while not eating or drinking. Speakers will not be wearing face covering.

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