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In order to build and retain reputation, organisations today increasingly need to demonstrate that they can be trusted to use data ethically and responsibly. If an organisation is open about how it gathers, shares and uses data – particularly personal and sensitive data – it will have a positive impact on their brand. However, this also requires a high level of data literacy within the organisation, and an ability to think and work critically with data.

In this latest episode of ODI’s Inside Business podcast, Stuart Coleman, the ODI’s Learning and Business Development Director, speaks to panellists Alessandro Piscopo, Principal Data Scientist at BBC Datalabs, Di Mayze, Global Head of AI and Data at WPP and Jen Rodvold, Head of Digital Ethics and Tech for Good at Sopra Steria.

They explore how their organisations embed data literacy within their teams, how this positively impacts their brands, and what some of the challenges will be in the future.

The podcast covers:

  • How data literacy is developed in their organisations
  • How they set up good practices, particularly in response to the loss of trust in data that was brought about by scandals such as Facebook/Cambridge Analytica
  • How data ethics are embedded into data use, including personalisation
  • The tensions between trust and innovation
  • Algorithms and transparency
  • Next steps in data literacy and predictions for the future

Listen here

The Open Data Institute · ODI Inside Business: The role of data literacy in building a trusted brand

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This blogpost sets out the ODI’s thinking on data literacy. It explains what data literacy is, and explores why teaching people to code or draw graphs in spreadsheets isn’t enough. Businesses need to help people develop their critical thinking skills so that they and their customers get the most out of data.

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