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Our very own Jack Hardinges, Head of Data Institutions, was on Ed Millband’s and Geoff Lloyd’s podcast, Reasons to be Cheerful, on 2 November to discuss ideas about how to help steward data for the common good.

Access to the right data can help us to tackle the big challenges we face – from the earlier detection of disease to reducing pollution in urban spaces.

Ensuring that data is available to address these challenges, in ways that don’t cause harm to people and communities, requires responsible data stewardship. Data institutions are organisations whose purpose involves stewarding data on behalf of others, often towards public, educational or charitable aims.

Jack says: "It was fun to talk about data institutions and our work with Ed and Geoff, and take the idea to a new audience. I've already had a message from someone at The National Trust to say how pleased they were to be used as an example of responsible stewardship and surprised to have cropped up in a conversation about data!"

Listen to Jack on the podcast below (skip to 23:05 for Jack’s interview):