Dave Tarrant

Poorly portal? Lice in your licence? Trust issues with Data Trusts? This Open Data Day, Dr Dave is here to answer your open data questions, however embarrassing...

In a special broadcast this Open Data Day, ODI trainer and all-round data guru Dr Dave Tarrant will give the low-down on open data and help with your problems in how to access, use and share it.

Information inflammation?

Fly caught in your API?

Dodgy geospatial awareness?

Sinus blockchain?

Trust issues with data trusts?

Whatever your symptoms, Dr Dave is here to help.

Share your questions using #OpenDataDave on Twitter, or, if you’d rather not be named, you can email them to us more discreetly at [email protected].

He will share his answers on 2 March (Open Data Day), and help you tell your APIs from your STIs.