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In the fourth episode of the ODI Inside Business podcast, the ODI’s Learning and Business Development Director, Stuart Coleman, is joined by Robin Sutara, Chief Data Officer, Microsoft UK, for a discussion on how a cultural shift is key to the development and implementation of a viable data strategy.


When it comes to data, every organisation has its own set of beliefs. Yet, when organisations think about data strategy, culture, people and organisational change are rarely featured – they tend to lose ground to data governance.

In order to design and execute an effective data strategy, organisations need new mindsets – for example, one that embraces open and shared approaches – and they will need a cultural shift to create value. It's clear that open and collaborative approaches make change happen faster – and, as with any organisational change, embedding changes into existing processes and practices is key to success.

This episode

In this episode, we explore what cultural and mindset shifts are needed to facilitate the implementation and execution of a viable data strategy. Robin Sutara will share how Microsoft UK shifted their thinking, and that of their clients, to get where they are today – and how they succeeded in helping their clients transition to a new digital-thinking era.

The episode will address the questions:

  • What mindsets do we need?
  • How do we help people get there?
  • How can a cultural shift create value?
  • What changes to business culture are actually needed?
  • What are the stories that support the value of a shift in mindset?
  • What have organisations that have embraced a cultural and mindset shift done to get there?

Listen here

The Open Data Institute · Inside Business – Developing post-pandemic data strategy: Why culture change should power your plans

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