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How an interactive data ethics workshop can help

Data ethics is a rapidly emerging area. Increasingly, those collecting, sharing and working with data are exploring the ethics of their practices – and in some cases being forced to confront those ethics in the face of public criticism. A failure to handle data ethically, can harmfully impact people and lead to a loss of trust in projects, products or organisations.

We encourage all organisations to invest time and effort into understanding data ethics – if you are not familiar with the topic, check out our introduction to data ethics training – but it is becoming ever more important for organisations to not only understand data ethics, but to be able to apply an ethical approach to their own data enabled projects and services.

If you have a particular ethical problem that you need help unpicking, the ODI can support you and your team through our interactive data ethics workshop. Run by our experts, and using our brand new Interactive Data Ethics Canvas, we can help you identify the potential ethical issues associated with a data project you’re currently working on – or plan to explore in the future.

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Who is this for?

These bespoke workshops are suitable for a team of people, including senior decision makers, within organisations, who have already embarked on their data ethics journey and want to start applying an ethical approach to data in their projects or services. Participating organisations should already have a business case or idea in mind that they want to explore as part of the workshop. 

If you are new to data ethics, we recommend that you join our introduction to data ethics training before considering a workshop for your organisation.