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Data could drive global economic growth for decades to come, but little is known about how countries can turn their use of it into trade competitiveness

Up to two billion people might now be using cloud computing to store digital information, while greater access to public and private data across the world could create as much as $3tn in annual value for the global economy.

But what can countries do to capture that value through the data-enabled goods and services that they sell abroad?

This report discusses how data infrastructure might be built for trade competitiveness, and explores what policymakers could consider as they seek to boost the exports of domestic companies that are using data to create and maintain goods and services.

It broaches key questions including:

  • how easy it is for domestic producers of data-enabled goods and services to find potential buyers abroad
  • the incentives that such companies have in developing new products
  • their level of access to production factors, such as data
  • how many support services, such as research and data science, are available to them as they seek to grow and sell abroad
  • how trade promotion schemes might help

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