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The Open Data Maturity Model is a way to assess how well an organisation publishes and consumes open data, and identifies actions for improvement.

The model is based around five themes and five progress levels. Each theme represents a broad area of operations within an organisation. Each theme is broken into areas of activity, which can then be used to assess progress.

Below you will find the spreadsheet model itself and a guide that explains the rational behind the model. Both are available to download.

Map your organisation with our new app Based on the Open Data Maturity Model we have devised Open Data Pathway – an easy-to-use app to help you map open data practices in your organisation. No spreadsheets required.

This project has received funding from the Release of Data Fund. With thanks to the Open Data User Group and Cabinet Office for their support. The open data maturity model gave us a framework to baseline our open data practice. The online assessment tool helped us capture our scores, and provided us with supporting information, to benchmark ourselves against other organisations. Using this information we developed an action plan to meet our improvement targets. I highly recommend the open data maturity model as a way to improve your open data practice. Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads, Australia.