Open data can be released and used to support sustainable global development in many ways. With mobile-cellular penetration in developing countries estimated at 90% (69% in Africa) and that by 2014 two-thirds of global internet users were based in developing countries, there is a strong case for publishing open data to enable online and mobile services.

But, with limited resources, how do we decide what data to release?

By focusing on six sectors (education, health, transportation, environment, sanitation and waste, and governance) where there is a robust evidence base of use cases, we have developed a tool and guide (available as a Google spreadsheet and below) to help prioritise which open data to publish to help meet development goals.

For each sector, we map out relevant datasets and examples of real-world open data applications. We then offer three goal options to help decision- and policy-makers select datasets to release as open data.

This work was supported by the Partnership for Open Data, funded by the World Bank, and DaPaaS.

Prioritising open data in six sectors to drive global development (PDF)

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