Households in fuel poverty are unable to afford to heat (or cool) their home to an adequate temperature

This report reveals the sections of society that are most affected by fuel poverty, as well as the areas of the country where the problem hits the hardest. It paints a surprising picture of fuel poverty in England today, with renters, the young, large households, lone parents and those with young children disproportionately impacted.

The report is accompanied by a fuel poverty risk index that calculates a score that estimates the risk of someone being in fuel poverty for each local authority in England. It contains a graphic tool – embedded below – that can be used to highlight the impact of fuel poverty across England.

This index will be updated annually and will be able to show the impact of changes such as the end of universal help with bills in April 2023, as well as more targeted assistance to those on low incomes.

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This new digital tool (created by Mime Consulting) brings together for the first time 12 datasets on fuel poverty and allows users to explore this data at a national, local and local authority level.

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