‘Data on teachers’ lives during the pandemic’ looks at the impact of the pandemic on teachers’ and pupils’ lives, through the lens of new data made available to the Open Data Institute (ODI), as well as various open data sources and in-depth qualitative research.

The ODI team worked for the first time with the NASUWT, the Teachers’ Union, and was given access to new aggregated and anonymised data from the teaching union’s annual ‘Big Question’ survey. This helped to paint a picture through data of how the pandemic has affected teachers and pupils across the country during various lockdown periods and the closure of schools.

Continuing on from last November’s ‘Data about children’s lives in the pandemic’ report, this new report aims to demonstrate how timely and systematic national data collection can provide valuable insights into the most urgent and pressing challenges of our time. The project team also examined open government data from the Department for Education.

The data used in the NASUWT teacher survey analysis tool is published below as open data under a CC BY 4.0 license.

Read the report

Read the report


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View the data table and metadata used in the report

View the underlying data used within the report