Early in 2017, the ODI teamed up with the Eurasia Foundation for the Transparency and Accountability in Public Administration and Services (TAPAS) project. TAPAS has three work streams: open data, e-procurement and e-services, all managed by the Eurasia Foundation.

In the open data work stream, ODI is supporting Ukraine with the design and implementation of their open data strategy. We work together with the startup incubator 1991 and the data journalism agency Texty to improve the quality of open data in Ukraine and to support open innovation and economic growth.

What we did

To support open data initiatives in Ukrainian cities and central ministries, we held two open data leaders networks in Kiev where we developed individual strategies and provided hands-on support for 12 leaders. Four cities since joined the Open Data Charter and in October 2017 the leaders are coming to London to exchange ideas with their UK counterparts.

To ensure that Ukraine’s most talented innovators are given the help they need, TAPAS organised a nationwide startup competition. The three winners were announced at Ukraine’s first open data conference in September 2017:

Open Coal Market is an online coal auction platform that provides open access to the market, reduces corruption risks through transparent pricing and disclosure of sales information, and provides open data.

Court on the Palm is an analytical tool for finding, researching and challenging court decisions. The main users of the service are lawyers, journalists conducting investigations based on data from the Unified Register of Court Decisions, and NGOs that carry out activities in the field of law and reform of the judiciary.

The Fines UA - Safe Driving project is a mobile tracking technology that allows you to determine the quality of driving a car using the telemetry features of a smartphone. It also provides tips for improving driving skills, makes managing fines easier and sends reminders for insurance policy updates.

To provide a platform for people to learn about open data and keep up with the latest developments, we developed a set of free e-learning tools in Ukrainian and English. Interactive modules invite you to discover different aspects of open data, including value, usability, sustainability and the open data charter.


  • 12 open data leaders trained (6 city leaders, 6 national leaders)
  • 5 e-learning modules produced (not online yet so no one used so far)
  • 4 cities joined open data charter
  • 1 research report (not yet final)

If you’re inspired by this project and want to do something similar, get in touch with James Maddison at [email protected].