Leeds Bins ecosystem map

The ODI’s Mapping data ecosystems tool is a practical advocacy tool which aims to help organisations identify, map and communicate all elements of a data project or activity, including datasets, actors and relationships.

At the ODI, we advocate for sustainable behaviour change within companies and governments that hold and use data. A fundamental stage to making change with open data is to first identify and understand all components within a data project or activity. The Mapping data ecosystems tool does this, and helps organisations adopt the changes we advocate for.

Data ecosystem mapping is the process of planning, developing and drawing a visual representation (map) of the data assets, locations, and actors within a given ‘data ecosystem’. It describes the links between the assets, how data is accessed, used and shared, and helps to highlight points where data value can be realised. Mapping a data ecosystem, and understanding relationships between the assets and players within that system, can help organisations make better use of data, and realise the value of data.

Read about the project in more detail in our Mapping data ecosystems case study

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