Skills framework 2019

The 2019 Data Skills Framework

Data is everywhere and affects every decision we make. We want people to use data to make better decisions and be protected from any harmful impacts. To help understand this complex landscape, we have developed a Data Skills Framework to explain what data literacy can mean for you and your team.

Building from a strong foundation the framework presents pathways for those stewarding and creating insights from data as well as those deciding what happens. These two pathways are tied together with a core focus on leading change, informed by data.

New additions to the 2019 framework include working ethically, governing access and standardising data all of which reflect the ODIs vision and theory of change.

Find your way through the framework

In order to build a strong data ecosystem, everyone working with data will need to have an awareness of most of the top half of the framework. This starts with the data strategy and key policies which control both how data in collected, used and shared (all in blue Foundations skills). Expanding from the foundations, everyone working with data should all have an awareness of their ethical and legal responsibilities of using data while also playing a role in ensuring that the data is properly stewarded to maintain high quality and usability (reflected in the two Management and two Stewardship skills that touch the Foundations skills).

From here the left hand side of the framework focuses on building communities, innovation and developing strategy while the right is all about discovering insight and making data intelligent. These skills are tied together in the central pathway that is all about leading change.

How we use the framework at the ODI

All of our educational programmes are informed by the skills framework. When we develop a program we also mix practitioner level skills on one side of the framework with awareness level skills on the other. For example, in a course for data analysts we will ensure that the legal and ethical sides of the data analysis are also present on the course. Likewise, in a course focussed on building communities and designing services we will raise awareness of the importance of the strong stewardship of data and the role of aspects such as standards and the right platforms.