Get started with the Data and Public Services Business Case Canvas [WEBINAR]

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Got an idea for improving public services? Want to find out if you really could make an impact? Watch the on-demand webinar and discover how to use the Data and Public Services Business Case Canvas to turn ideas into services that make a difference

Webinar: On-demand

Data plays an increasingly important role in the transformation of public services. Better use of data can help to make these services more cost-effective, more efficient and more accessible to citizens. At a time when finances are tight, new ideas are making a real difference. You’ve probably got a few yourself…

But, how can you test out ideas? How do you get the help you need to put them into practice? Join ODI researcher James Maddison and explore how to use the Business Case Canvas to gather facts to examine your idea, to look at a problem from different angles, and plan for how to make an impact.

By the end of the 30-minute session you’ll be able to:

  • Explain how data makes an impact on public services
  • List the steps involved in using the Business Case Canvas to explore your idea.
  • Identify who to involve.
  • Define the steps you need to take once you have completed the canvas.
  • Prepare yourself to use the Business Case Canvas for the first time.

Watch this webinar on-demand

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